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Top agents are winning
more business

HighNote agents are not only winning more offers,
they are also winning more listings and buyers with gorgeous
listing and buyer presentations that sets them apart.

As sales manager, HighNote's powerful templates helps keep our agents uniform in their message and professional!

Rebecca Brooks

HighNote is just incredible. I have successfully closed 9 out of my last 10 listings due to HighNote's powerful offer delivery platform.

Chris Lim

Highnote is a gamechanger. We use it daily and it has made such an impact on our business.

Sandy Sicsko

My offer was accepted using HighNote! The sellers went with our professional offer package and the insights were key in following-up.

Dexter Lim

Love HighNote! Apart from listing presentations, I've been sending offers with it. Makes offers look real clean and have been winning more!

Steven Lenz Jr.

I love HighNote. So powerful, I can't live without it. That is all!

Justin Welch

We had an offer accepted last night, largely due to HighNote. The agent said in his 20 years, he has never seen an offer presented this cleanly.

Joe Borromeo

One agent was accepting our offer on one condition, that we would share with him the tool and show him how to use it!

Sandy Sicsko

HighNote I feel like is our secret weapon. It will set you apart from the competition!

Leslie Bauer

Other agents are BLOWN AWAY by our HighNote Offers. We win deals, because they know we will get the job done.

Joe and Sandy

Gain valuable

Measure the performance of your offers, presentations, and pitches with HighNotes state-of-the-art advanced analytics and close that deal.

Send impactful

Beautiful and engaging offers, presentations & pitches are at
your fingertips. Easy to create and send, see why top agents are
winning more deals using HighNote.


Works anywhere,
just like you.

We want to make you look good no matter where you are. That’s why Highnote works on any phone, tablet or laptop. You can create a template or check analytics wherever you are, and your client can access the presentation on any device. You will always look perfect.

Made by experts,
used by professionals.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the world's innovation capital,
and made by some of the top agents, managers, owners of real
estate brokerages combined with amazing technologists.

We get you, we got this.

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